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Christie Whaley 1943-1984

Lightwing Artworks was first owned by Christie Whaley, an American artist who practiced from 1968-1984. She was known primarily for watercolor and pen-and-ink work, some of which was reproduced for sale by Lightwing.

This site will eventually hold the entire body of her available work.

Ownership of her artwork and copyrights passed to her sister, Rhoda Miller, and her daughter, Mari Christie, upon her death. (While recognizing that the Internet is a public environment and there are only so many ways to control access, we respectfully request that you not download the work on this website for unauthorized use.)

If you are interested in licensing or buying Christie's work, please contact us at sales@christiewhaley.info.

If you already own a piece of Christie's art, possibly one that you purchased or were given before she died, please contact us at info@christiewhaley.info. We are working to track down and document as much of her work as possible.

We hope you enjoy the beauty she created. We can assure you that she enjoyed every minute she spent creating it.


All materials on this site, unless otherwise noted, are explicity owned and copyright-protected in the year 2005 by the estate of Christie Whaley.





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