Folk Art Gallery

When Christie began raising her daughter, so often used her creativity to create toys. Eventually, this led to her forming "The Treehouse," a toy-making company, manufacturing everything from hand-quilted doll blankets to oversized stuffed toys. Christie left behind no patterns and many of her toys have not survived. However, we are making a concerted effort to show as many items as possible, often in the background of family photos.

If you own a piece of folk art created by Christie Whaley, we'd like to take a picture. Please contact us at


© 2005 The estate of Christie Whaley



I was the only Southern kid on the block with a Harriet Tubman doll...


You can see the oversized elephant pillow/toy here in the upper left. Unfortunately, the front of the elephant is covered up by Davey Crockett.


Here is a carrot without its rabbit...



This wooden nativity set is hand-painted and free-standing.





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